2G gearboxGTP - 2G two-speed gearbox mainly used in machine tool main-spindle drives, test benches and applications which high torque is needed.


With precise reduction mechanism and high efficiency, decrease or extend the input speed of motor to achieve machining requirement and save energy. Two speed mechanism wide the machining range, increase the flexibilities of machine tool and machining precision, extend the output power and increase machining torque of motor effectively: low output power and high output torque for hard materials and high speed for soft materials, compact design of helical gearing, provide better efficiency than spur gear with lowest noise and optimized space. As well, the modular design with different adapter design could suitable for different brands of motors.


• Preponderant performance/Low backlash/Low vibration value/Low temperature rising/Reliable transmission performance
• Short delivery time
• Competitive price

  • Standard flange output

  • Inline output

  • Shaft output

  • Coolant Through Spindle Output

  • Special combination design

  • Flange input