Coolant Through Spindle Output

Coolant Through Spindle Output
˙Standard gearbox parts, cut down costs

˙Brand new design, preventing cutting fluid leaking into gearbox

˙Allow Max 10000-12000 input rpm(i=1)    

˙Input power 8-22KW

˙Output torque 120-1000Nm

˙Under Max pressure 140bars, allow 35l/min cutting fluid pass through the    

  gearbox to the cutting tools



Delivery scope:

˙High precision rotary joint

˙Special steel pipe

˙CTS main gearbox

˙High torsional stiffness of main shaft couplings (optional)







2G Flange input CTS Main spindle gearbox

Standard components, minimize the cost

New design, prevent coolant entering into the gearbox

Un-hollow shaft Spindle motor application

Max. permissible input speed 10,000 – 12,000 ( i = 1)

Input power 863KW

Output torque 1203,000Nm

At 70bar, allow coolant with 35 l/min through the gearbox to the tools

Scope of supply:

High precision rotary union

Specific steel tube

CTS main spindle gearbox

Rotary union mounting parts at motor B side

Main spindle coupling ( option )